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How Does Flexible Move Work? - Loading

Loading at Origin

The container(s) is delivered to your residence and left on a flat bed trailer (length between 36-53 feet) for 8 hours in order for you to load.

Dates are scheduled Monday to Friday during regular business hours, and the container will arrive between 8-10 am. Saturday service is only feasible if the servicing Member is available, although an extra charge is included. Service is not available on Sundays or holidays.

Two walk boards are provided with the Flexible Move trailer in order for you to load the container(s). As the walk boards are heavy, at least 2 people are needed to lift them out of the walk board racks and place onto the container; if moving more than one container, you will need to move the walk boards from container to container. The walk boards must be replaced back onto the designated rack on the trailer.

Each container will come with quilted moving blankets, furniture skins and straps to assist with the loading. Walk-boards are provided to get in and out of the container with ease.

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