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Things NOT to Pack on Moving Day

On your load day it is important to remember not to pack any valuables in your moving container. Anything that you consider of great value or that you may need throughout your travels to your destination; whether it be sentimental, of high cash value, or of great necessity, then you should not pack these items.
Electronic items such as your cell phones, iPads, iPods, cameras, etc. should not be packed. You wouldn’t want these items to go missing or get broken and you will most likely need your phone. Any expensive valuables such as your jewelry should not be packed either if you do not want these items to go missing, in any case. You may want to think about whether or not to pack your pictures, and if you do then make sure your photos are packed in a waterproof container. This way your photos cannot be damaged. Lastly, the most important thing you should definitely not pack is your purse, keys and family’s I.D.’s. You may come across a situation that you will need your identification. If you have children (or for yourself) you need to have all health cards on you at all times, or at least photocopies. Just in case.
Don’t risk the chance of losing your most valued items, in the case of any event.

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posted by Flexible Move @ Tuesday, November 8, 2011 10:39 a.m.   1 Comments

At November 11, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. ,Blogger Thomas Maloney said...

This is very good advice, and I speak as someone who has moved home and offices more times than I’d like to remember. I found the best way to deal with valuables is to leave the bulk of the operation with a storage facility, then pack the valuables at the very last minute and carry them with you by car as they are far less likely to get damaged. Wrap fragile items carefully and place in boxes or wrapped between bedding sheets. And keep all your papers neatly together in one file.


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