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Moving Your Vehicle

Did you know that we can also move your personal vehicle for you along with your move?  When moving long distance majority of families travel by plane to their new destination or some families drive and may have an additional vehicle. In either case, you need a way to transport your vehicle from origin to destination. Luckily, Flexible Move works with third party car carriers to plan the transport of your vehicle along with your move so that we can save you the hassle of trying to find a reputable car carrier company, and the rates and having to deal with the actual coordination of it all.
Along with the coordination of your move, if you have a vehicle to transport we will retrieve the quotes for you to move your vehicle; plan and book the transport of your car; and in the meantime maintain all correspondence with the car carrier as well throughout transit. Now you have the ease of only having to talk to one coordinator for all your moving needs. So you don’t have to look no more, if you’re moving we will take care of it all!

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