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Moving Tip: Budgeting for your Move

Before your move, one of the things you should plan is a budget for all the moving expenses. You need to consider all expenses associated with your move because the costs and other small costs that you don’t realize can add up very quickly and let’s face it – moving is already expensive enough. So creating a budget is a great way to be prepared for what you’re spending and get the most out of each dollar spent on your move.
If you are selling or buying a home, there are closing costs, realtor fees, repair fees, title insurance, land transfer taxes and many other charges you may have not accounted for. Be sure to ask your realtor, lawyer and/or banker for all costs you should be anticipating during the sale and purchase of your new home. Record all of these costs in a file – so you don’t lose track.
 If you are renting, there are probably deposit fees for the first and last months rent. Sometimes, the rental you are in will ask you to repaint the apartment you are leaving – if you have painted it in a bright colour. Be sure to talk to your superintendant on both ends to ensure you are accounting for all costs.
Then you have actual moving costs whether you do-it-yourself or go the more expensive route and do a full-service move. Never settle with one quote – and don’t be afraid to tell other moving companies that you will be shopping around. This will help ensure you get the best price possible!
Don’t forget, in addition, there are ‘moving-in’ costs that you will incur, such as; utilities set up, new appliances, furnishings, food, other household items like cleaning supplies, drapery and you will probably want to change the locks (if you are in an apartment, the superintendant will probably have done this for you).
Try to make sure you evaluate all your expenses and account for everything so that your budget can be as accurate as possible. Planning your moving budget ahead of time can save you a ton in the end!

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posted by Flexible Move @ Friday, September 2, 2011 11:34 a.m.   2 Comments

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