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It's Moving Season!

Did you know that the summer months are the busiest (and usually most expensive) times to move? Most major moving companies would say that they do more than 70% of their business during the summer. The last week in June and July are the most chaotic. We call it 'peak season' at Flexible Move.

Most people and families try to move in the summer months for a number of reasons:
1) The weather. (Who really wants to move while battling mother nature?)
2) School schedules. As children and young adults usually have the summers off, it is a lot less disruptive on their lives.

So why is the last week of June and July even busier?
Traditionally, house closings or rental agreements start on the 1st of the month so many people are trying to move out right beforehand.

If you are trying to save money with Flexible Move or any moving company for that matter, you can avoid higher prices by selecting a date before June or after September. If you need to move in the summer - try to avoid the month end rush. A lot of moving companies will tack on additional charges because they are in high demand.

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