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Guarantee Maximum Transit Protection

There are several steps that you should  take to ensure that your belongings are fully protected during transit.
First, you need to make sure that you are packing your belongings as best as you can. Our containers come fully stocked with furniture pads (blankets), skins, and straps to help you secure your load.
The quilted furniture pads can be used for wood furniture pieces and upholstered items such as chesterfields and chairs. The burlap skins can be used for sturdier items such as exercise equipment and garden tools.
Wrap all necessary belongings including all furniture to ensure your goods are completely protected and cushioned for transit.

Having several rolls of tape on hand is a must!
The straps are to be used to tie off your shipment once all of the items have been loaded in the container to ensure your goods will be completely strapped down and won’t move through out transit. There are clips on the inside of the container walls to attach the straps.

Move the largest and heaviest items first into the container. Longer items such as beds, sofas, headboards, wall units, appliances such as the fridge, etc. should be placed against the walls, which will keep them upright and save space. You can also use the straps to tie things like the fridge to the wall of the container, to ensure that it will not slide or move.
Next, start loading the biggest and heaviest boxes, placing the boxes on top of appliances and/ or furniture. Put all heavier items on the bottom when stacking things. Then, transfer the lighter boxes and items; stacking them on top. Finally, placing fragile items on last, ensuring that they are cushioned through-out transport.
We also provide a wide range of packing materials and supplies for you to purchase for your move.
Click on the link below and take a look at the different options of packing materials that we can supply you:
We also provide additional coverage for your belongings during transit and storage, so that you can feel safe that your most valuable possessions are covered in the event of any devastation.
TIP: Make sure when closing the container door, that the latch is secure on the bottom and top before inserting your lock. This will ensure the privacy of your goods, while the container(s) are in our possession.
Take a look at the Flexible Move Channel on You Tube for a list of packing videos:

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posted by Flexible Move @ Thursday, May 26, 2011 3:48 p.m.   1 Comments

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