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Spring is Here and Spring Cleaning is Near! Tips on getting you motivated for Spring Cleaning, if you haven’t already started

Spring is finally here (even though it may not feel like it yet) and it is time to put away the snow gear! If you are moving, this is a great way to help you start organizing and tidying up your home to prepare for your move. Spring cleaning consists of packing things away such as winter jackets and clothing, storing away the shovels and salt, getting rid of any junk that’s accumulated over the year, tidying up and really cleaning your home! Below are some tips to help get you started:
Kitchen; Oven, Microwave, Fridge. Your kitchen should actually always be cleaned (sanitized/ disinfected). Start by taking everything off your counters and clean the countertops (disinfect!). Clean around the oven stove top and burners then thoroughly clean the inside, even wipe down the backsplash of the oven. Clean in and out of the microwave. Next, clean the fridge out; throwing out anything old or that has just been sitting in the fridge for too long unused (condiments). Clean the shelves and drawers. Lastly, wash that floor! You may even want to pull out the oven and fridge to clean behind there as well.
*If you are moving, unplug your fridge prior to your move date 24 hours before to ensure the freezer is defrosted.
Bathroom; Toilet, Tub, Sink. Don’t just clean the bowl of your toilet, clean around the outside of the bowl of the toilet to the ground (this is a place forgotten about and can be dirtier than you think). Clean the bath-tub or shower; walls, tub and ceiling! Scrub clean the sink and don’t forget those faucets. Clean around the countertop too. Then lastly, clean the floors.
Bedrooms; Yours & the Kids! This is a good time to go through anything not needed anymore. If you have young kids; maybe they can get rid of all the toys they don’t play with anymore and these things can be given away to another child or charity. Clean under those beds and check the closets. This is the time to start folding away the warmer winter clothing too.
Coat Closet. De-clutter your closet by removing all the unnecessary shoes and coats. Boots and winter jackets can be put away now, including hats and gloves. If there are items not used anymore get rid of them and give them away to charity and that goes for anything else thrown and stored in the closet.
Cabinets & Drawers. The best place for junk! Go through any drawers with stacked papers and knick-knacks and get rid of all the garbage. Organize the important things into a filing cabinet or storage bin. Go through any other cabinets and drawers such as kitchen drawers, cupboards and medicine cabinets. Get rid of any utensils, cooking ware and/or other items being stored away that you don’t use. Organize your cupboards/ pantry and throw out anything old or not used. As well, dispose of any empty bottles or expired medicines in the med cabinet.
Mirrors & Windows. Don’t forget to windex those mirrors and windows! This is easily forgotten about. As well, if you have any curtains/ drapes up, take them down and wash them, especially if they’re white (dust and smoke can stain them and make them appear dirty).
Floors, Carpets & Area Rugs. Lastly, vacuum, mop and/ or sweep your floors (whichever it may be). It may be a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner or depending on the cost buy one (or even hire a professional) to have your carpets washed and steamed because even with vacuuming the carpets/ rugs still build up lots of dirt deep down.
If you have additional rooms such as a garage, basement, storage room, etc. you may want to organize these areas as well and store away any winter equipment like shovels, as an example.
As well, if you own your home you may have fixtures around the house or outside of the house that need to be fixed and with warmer weather upon us, it is the perfect time to get this started.
If you are preparing for your move and/or selling your home, these tips will help make your home more functional and organized for packing.

For a list of ideas on ‘going green’ check out these links below to learn how you can use natural eco-friendly everyday cleaners that are around your home:


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posted by Flexible Move @ Monday, April 4, 2011 11:52 a.m.   1 Comments

At November 28, 2013 at 4:01 a.m. ,Blogger Cameron Robertson said...

Moving can be traumatizing if we do not carefully plan out the list of things we need to do prior to the move. The key is to keep it light and disposing off unnecessary junk is key. This point will most certainly lighten the load, thus reducing the storage space required either in the truck or in the storage unit if needed.


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