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New Home: New Hardwood Flooring; Care & Maintenance

So you might have moved into a new home with beautiful new (or brand new to you) hardwood floors. You want to keep your floors in good condition. Keeping hardwood flooring clean and like new, requires different pre-cautions and maintenance then regular flooring.

Below are some Do’s and Don’ts and maintenance tips to keep your hardwood floors looking like new!

Don’t ever use water on wood flooring. This will leave water stains on the wood and damage the finishing.

Do use a fully squeezed mop or cloth, if needed to clean or wipe away anything. *Wipe away any spills immediately.

Don’t use soaps/ oil soaps, or other cleaners such as wax cleaners when mopping or cleaning. This can damage the wood by leaving residues that can discolor the finishing. And this can cause difficulty when applying a preservation coat on the floor.

Don’t use polish waxes, except if it species for hard wood flooring, as this can stain the wood as well if it has ingredients not meant for wood.

Do use neutral pH cleaners made for wood floors.
Don’t drag furnishings or furniture on the floors, as this can scratch and damage the flooring.
Do lift furniture to move it and have area rugs underneath, to prevent scratches.
Do place floor mats where necessary, for instance, by the door; to prevent scratching from dirt, as dirt and sand/ gravel can ware away the finishing.
-Use a soft bristle broom for regular sweeping. 
-Use a vacuum with bare floor attachments like a brush attachment to get rid of dirt, otherwise the vacuum can scratch the floor.
-Use dust mops such as a Swiffer: these are made for almost any surface.

*Frequent sweeping and vacuuming of your hardwood floors can keep away everyday dirt/dust and grit, preventing regular scratching that would eventually completely damage the wood.

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posted by Flexible Move @ Thursday, April 28, 2011 3:48 PM   1 Comments

At August 8, 2013 at 1:36 AM ,Blogger Jennifer Reynold said...

Thanks for this wonderful information. Actually next month I am going to buy a new house and I want to install hardwood in my whole house but I had lot's of confusion regarding Maintenance and other things but really very thankful to you. For giving me such a nice info.
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