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Finding a Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate agent/broker is essential to a smooth move. So if you are buying or selling a home you need to find a good, reliable agent that you are happy with. Everyone that sells a home is selling a different home than the other ones sold and when buying a home it will be different than all the others bought. So what you need is a real estate agent that listens to your wants and needs and knows your market.

Here are some ways to help you find a good Real Estate agent:

1. Referrals

Many real estate agents get majority of business through satisfied clients who refer them to friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and so on. So ask the people around you if they know any good real estate agents that they have used or heard about. Successful agents make customer satisfaction a priority and should put their customers' needs before their own.

2. Phone Book

In the phone book you can easily search for a real estate agent alphabetically. Shop around until you know you have found the right agent for you. These agents have paid for their ad listings in your local phone book, so they will be local and could be a good resource. Research!

3. Online

Anything can be found through the internet now, so search on the net. Make sure to hire a reliable agent though. So doing your research will be a necessity, since finding someone online does not always assure quality. You could also do a search on any agencies you are considering to see, find if there are any reviews or feedback from people who have used them, such as customer testimonials.

4. Open Houses

Attend open houses in your area and watch the real estate agents that host them. You can get their business cards and interact with them. Make sure to note if they are polite, informative and appear knowledgeable in the home they’re selling.

5. Neighbourhood Signs

Pay attention to the listing signs around your neighbourhood. The agent who sells listings the fastest might be better for you than the agent with the largest number of "for sale" signs. Results speak volumes!

6. Newspaper

The real estate classifieds will have listings along with agents and their agencies. You can always call them up and ask about their credentials, experience, and what they think they can do for you.

However you find your self a real estate agent, make sure you are informed and pick someone who has a proven track record of success and that you have a good feeling about so that you can have confidence in the process of buying or selling your home!

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