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Moving Our Senior Citizens

So the time may come when it is required to move an elder family member from their home to another type of housing accommodation. Moving can always be a hectic event, but there are a lot more concerns when you are a senior (or moving a senior) when moving. How much you do yourself will depend on your age, abilities and family support.

Moving and packing up household belongings is at a whole other level. If you don't have family close by it can be even more overwhelming. But there are many ways to make it easier for our seniors in the moving process that can make the moving experience go smoothly for everyone involved.

*If you are someone moving a senior then there are many things to keep in mind through-out the move process. Remember to:

·         Be understanding of your loved one's belongings (these are things they could’ve had all their lives)
·         Be considerate when it is time to minimize belongings, as it is often a result of necessity rather than desire
·         Be sensitive to their feelings, as many times even at an earlier age we start to feel abandoned. Spend time with your senior and stay in touch anyway you can (the elderly move is more emotional than an average move)
·         Pack in smaller boxes as much as possible, for their sake. Doing so will make it easier to carry, but they are easier to unpack without getting tired so quickly
·         Focus on their new location and go over to visit the place a few times together; let them spend the day if it is a more active community (it can make the transition a lot easier)

Now depending on their state of health and finances, the options of where to move generally fall into three categories:
For the Active Senior – Retirement Communities
Usually these are condo, land-lease or own homeownership of detached/semi detached homes, townhouses or apartments. There are usually recreational facilities in place in a planned community type setting.
For the Less Active Senior – Retirement Homes
Usually these are small apartments or bed-sitting type accommodations (including a small galley kitchen). Meals are available in a communal dining room although residents can prepare light meals in their own unit. Recreational activities are also available within the complex.
Nursing staff is usually available on site with physicians on an on-call basis.
For Seniors Requiring Care – Nursing Homes
Usually a private or shared room accommodation with 24 hour nursing staff available. Crafts, physiotherapy and some light recreational activity available on site.
*Finding the right accommodation can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult task. Nursing homes in particular often have waiting lists. Some useful information and advice can be found at:
Varying on how much space they will have in the new place, help them to choose an appropriate amount of furniture and/or keepsakes to accompany them. Always ask their opinion before discarding belongings and honour their wishes as to how some items are to be dispersed among family members and so on.
If the senior is moving into a non-assisted living type arrangement, offer assistance in making moving arrangements.
Nevertheless, if you are able, there are a number of things which you could do to ensure that your move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And always keep in mind the tips above if you are helping your senior to move!

If you are a senior on a budget, especially retirees, then Flexible Move is perfect as the cheaper option. Flexible Move offers not only an alternative service to the more expensive Full Service move, but we can provide labour to you as well with help loading and unloading your container(s).

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