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Preparing your home for the market as a homeowner has a lot of work involved when setting up house for selling and moving. There are far more responsibilities when you own your own house since you are the owner. In rental homes for instance, the Landlord or Rental Company would take care of these essential responsibilities before moving. So there is a lot to consider and keep in mind as an owner.

First, you need to prepare the house for the market.

*Tip: You should take the time to spruce up your home even more, rather than just “clean” to maximize your sales.

(The Real Estate agent will give you recommendations as well, for things to do to increase your sales appeal. They are the experts so take their advice!)

Checklist for preparing home:

Get rid of any clutter or junk for a neat and tidy look
Put excess items or even furniture away (into storage) to make your home look tidy and spacious
- Arrange your furniture for an inviting look and feel
If needed, paint the walls for a fresher look
If needed, clean the carpets
Fix any noticeable fixtures that need to be fixed

While home is on the market remember to:

Keep things looking neat and tidy
Keep home looking clean; vacuum, dust, etc.

*Don’t keep piles of dishes, laundry, boxes, etc.

*Tip: Having fresh flowers in the home gives a nice touch and baking a pie or cookies before an open house will create a smell that will make for an inviting and cozy welcome.

After house sale (before move):

Make sure everything is clean
Have all repairs fixed that need to be fixed

*Don’t leave any junk left behind in house, once you leave

When moving into new home remember to:

Change and forward all your mail to your new address
Update utility companies as well as cable, internet, phone, and so on with change of new address
Update any other important things such as bills with change of new address
Update drivers license
Update insurance
Before you move in make sure to inspect your home for safety purposes

*Check to have properly placed working smoke detectors
*Set up utilities in new home

For additional information for homeowners buying, renovating, renting, selling, and more click on the link below to find out some great information/ facts:

For a list of more information on homeowner tips, credits, rebates and more news click on the link below for helpful articles:

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