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Container Moving? An Innovative Moving Solution

If you want to save on the big costs of moving but aren’t willing to drive that big truck, especially long distance, then self-service moving might just be right for you. In fact, do-it-yourself container moving is the best option for you!

Majority of people today are not familiar with all the moving options they have, especially do-it-yourself container moving. It is simple, affordable and efficient. Do-it-yourself container moving is the alternative to full service moving and the alternative to rental truck moving. You load and unload your own container, while leaving the driving to the professionals.

There are many pros to do-it-yourself container moving:

·     Your reserved container is like your own personal vault; you load your own personal belongings into your own container
·     The comfort of knowing your things are packed and unpacked safely since you have the ability of doing it yourself, while still saving on your move
·     No chance of cross-contamination from another shipment or any chance of mix up because you do not share your container
·     You put your own personal lock on your container so only you have access and complete control of your possessions
·     The moving container allows for the capability of well organized packing and ability to maximize space by the functionality of the cube sized container
·     No worries of having to drive a big rental truck or even worse breaking down on the road because the driving is still left to the professionals (while saving money!)
·     No stress of having to pay for the high costs of fuel while driving and worrying about extra mileage and extra fuel costs
·     The containers are weather-resistant to prevent any possible weather damages

With Flexible Move do-it-yourself containers you get all these benefits with your moving container, plus more. We know that not everyone is an expert at packing. Therefore, we provide numerous moving blankets, pads and straps for your move provided for you along with your container rental. This ensures that all your goods are fully protected through out the transit of your container, allowing for some piece of mind!

As well, after the container(s) are dropped off at your home, loaded, locked up and secure; once the containers are transferred and reach destination we provide flexible arrival and delivery dates. Once you are ready at your new destination for delivery we will drop the container off again for you to then unload. However, you may not be ready to take delivery, so we can provide storage as an additional option. Most self-service companies should offer storage options in case you're waiting between moves. After, the containers are then delivered to your new home, where you unpack your things. All at one flat rate with Flexible Move! 

In addition, most companies should include insurance in the price, while others may charge extra. For your Flexible Move service we already provide basic coverage insurance for your goods, so that your goods are covered in the case of a tragic event! We also provide additional coverage that you have the option of adding on to your container. If you have valuables, you may want to purchase more. Flexible Move provides you with many options to meet all your needs; whether you are looking for a cheap affordable, but yet professional move or just flexibility for a stress-free move!

Now that’s a great moving solution!

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