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Winter Woes & Pro’s to Do It Yourself Moving

Winter Woes: Moving can be a challenging time and moving through the winter season can slow the process down dramatically. Be prepared and take pre-cautionary measures to avoid any possible troubles that the ice, snow and cold can bring.

First, remember to bundle up! It is very important to remember not to pack any winter garments away. While you are moving, you and/or anyone else helping should be wearing a hat, gloves, scarf, warm clothing and a warm jacket.

Watch the forecast! Knowing what to be prepared for and hopefully, avoiding any snow storms or heavy snow falls can be instrumental in planning your move.

Remember to clear the way! Have your driveway, sidewalk, walkways and/or any steps salted and shoveled before your moving day. Make sure all pathways are clear of snow and ice. Protect your floors when walking in and out of the house. It may be a good idea to have someone bringing your belongings to the front door, while another person loads/unloads your container. Have an extra pair of shoes, shoe covers (booties), or floor runners put down on the main walking areas in your home. Winter time can be a messy season and tracking in snow or mud can make for a slippery and wet floor. TIP: Having old towels on hand will allow you to sop up any wet spots. Prevent any possible slip and falls!

Winter Pros: Winter moves are typically more expensive because of the harsh conditions. Flexible Move actually lowers the cost of moving in the winter months. We understand the conditions you will be faced with and want to do our part in helping you save on moving costs!

posted by Flexible Move @ Friday, December 3, 2010 4:15 PM   1 Comments

At December 18, 2013 at 1:13 AM ,Blogger Mel Brandle said...

Moving out is a major process and cannot be taken lightly. Prior planning needs to be done so much earlier to give an ample amount of time for mistakes to be done and resolved immediately. And if you have to move during winter, then extra precautions need to be taken seriously. You really do not wish for external factors like the weather to affect your movers' work performance and potentially cause damages to your belongings. Have everything packed early and labelled correctly to prepare for storage. Ensure you have extra winter clothing just in case.


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