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Off-Setting the Stress of Moving!

Moving can be one of the most stressful events, especially when moving long distance. Depending on the circumstances for the reason of your move, some situations can be more stressful than others. No matter what the reason for your move at Flexible Move (United Van Lines/ Mayflower Canada) we are experts on the moving process and understand the emotions that go along with it. That’s why during a move we are committed to providing you “A Higher Standard of Care”. 
·         First, pre-planning can make your moving day and process a lot smoother. One must be organized for calling it a day for moving.  A good idea is designating tasks for everyone involved in the move.  Allocate tasks to friends and family members who are willing to help to babysit (if you have children), to walk the dog (if you have pets), and helping you to pack and so on. If you have older children, help them get organized and provide them with packing supplies, boxes and labels and get them to pack the things they can in their own rooms. This will relieve some stress of having to do so many things. Make a list of each task, prioritize, take it step by step and things will gradually get done. Proper planning, organization and timing is key (always give yourself enough adequate time)!
·         It is easy to get frustrated in the process of your move when something planned hasn’t gone accordingly. For instance, something was broken. You need to remember that these things are easily bound to happen during a move. Keep your cool and stick to your plan to stay as organized as possible and go with the flow. Make sure to get enough sleep in between the days because not only is it important for your health, especially at the time of your move, but you will be well rested for the day ahead. Emotions can play a big role in moving.
·         If you have kids involved, then it is very important to remember to give them attention through the moving process. If the move is stressful on you, then imagine how your kids may be feeling, particularly when they are younger and really don’t understand what’s going on. It can be hard on them switching schools, leaving friends, changing to unfamiliar locations, and the fear of making new friends, etc. Communicate with them and reassure them that everything will be fine. Make it a positive thing, if the move isn’t already.  Again, depending on some circumstances for the reason of your move it may not be a happy one. But most often the reason is a positive one such as a new home or job promotion. Stay positive!
·         When it comes to transportation with Flexible Move we alleviate some of the stress in a long distance move by doing the driving for you! It’s hard enough packing up your whole home and then having to drive across the country with a big truck! We take that added stress away from you and your family. So keep in mind not only are you saving on the cost of moving, but you can leave the driving to the professionals. All you have to worry about is strategic planning in packing and loading your container.
Always remember that moving is a process, not a week long assignment. Take it easy and enjoy the transition in your new home and neighborhood. Make a checklist and check off your establishments as you finish each room and/or job in your new home. Doing these few things will help reduce the stress of your move and make your move go a lot smoother!

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