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Moving? Leave bed bugs behind!

Bed Bugs

There is a growing concern today about the number of cases involving bed bug problems. Results have shown that bed bugs appear to be on the rise all around the world. There has been a huge increase in the number of pest control reports relating specifically to bed bugs. A link to such infestation is spread through moving. For instance, if your belongings are on a truck with someone else’s that has bedbugs, then your goods can become infested.

With Flexible Move, the risk of getting bedbugs from another shipment does not exist, because you have your own container. Regardless of whether or not you use Flexible Move, protecting your goods from cross-contamination should be top of mind when selecting a mover.

Bed bugs reproduce and breed very fast. In just one day a bed bug can hatch 3 eggs and 300 through-out one year! It only takes 10 days for an egg to hatch; increasing the infestation to multiply and multiply. In addition, the lifespan of a bed bug is lengthy and can live 18 months without eating!

Bed Bugs infest and live on pets, clothing, luggage, furniture, linear, etc. Bed Bugs are carried into houses for instance through; pets, another person or house, from a hotel stay, someone’s luggage, clothing, or the previous infestation in one’s home, etc. When moving, if you have an infestation, you can carry the bed bugs with you through travel. Which is why it is very important to be aware of the increasing spread of bed bugs, take precautions to prevent bed begs and know how to treat this problem if you have one. Using a container, is the first step in protecting your household goods.

How to Check for Bed Bugs
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How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs & How to Terminate them
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