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Move Origin and Destination:     Summerside, PE to Summerland, BC
Testimonial Received:                 September 24, 2013

"Our family moved across the country twice in 3 years. The first move we used a traditional moving company that loaded and reloaded our belongings on different trucks across the country. For the second move across the country we used the Flexible Move program and controlled the circumstances of our move. Best of all, the Flexible Move program cost half as much as the first move with the other moving company. Flexible Move program - Twice the convenience, half the cost."

Move Origin and Destination:     Prince George, BC to Gander, NF
Testimonial Received:                 September 12, 2013

"The Flexible Move Program provides a great worry free service. BC to Newfoundland - just load up your belongings, lock your container and you are on your way!  Our container arrived on schedule as promised and in excellent condition.  We highly recommend this service to others"
posted by Unknown @ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 3:29 p.m.   1 Comments

How Does Flexible Move Work? - Loading

Loading at Origin

The container(s) is delivered to your residence and left on a flat bed trailer (length between 36-53 feet) for 8 hours in order for you to load.

Dates are scheduled Monday to Friday during regular business hours, and the container will arrive between 8-10 am. Saturday service is only feasible if the servicing Member is available, although an extra charge is included. Service is not available on Sundays or holidays.

Two walk boards are provided with the Flexible Move trailer in order for you to load the container(s). As the walk boards are heavy, at least 2 people are needed to lift them out of the walk board racks and place onto the container; if moving more than one container, you will need to move the walk boards from container to container. The walk boards must be replaced back onto the designated rack on the trailer.

Each container will come with quilted moving blankets, furniture skins and straps to assist with the loading. Walk-boards are provided to get in and out of the container with ease.

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Top 10 Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Container Moving

  1. No driving required
  2. Save time & money
  3. All-inclusive costs (fuel costs, mileage fees, tolls)
  4. Temporary storage
  5. Unpacking & organizing with less stress
  6. No truck rental
  7. Reduce other expenses (hotels, meals)
  8. Safe transport
  9. Convenience & security of your goods
    • Brought to your doorstep
    • You pack & unpack your own belongings
    • Pick up when you're ready
  10. Lock away your belongings (lock provided to customer for an extra cost)

For more information about do-it-yourself container moving call 1-866-220-0652 or get a free quote at
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Key Things to Remember When Moving in the Snow

Winter moving can be a lot harder than normal, and let’s face it moving is hard enough as it is. When snow is involved it makes it that much more of a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be, if you take all the right precautions to be prepared.
The things you must remember to do when there is snow on the ground when moving is to make sure all pathways are shoveled and salted. Remember, not only your doorway needs to be clear, but all other doors and pathways/walkways must be clear too for loading. This includes clearing your backyard, if necessary. Don’t forget if you have a shed to have the pathway to the shed clear for unloading the items you will be packing and loading in your moving container from the shed. It may be a good idea too, to unload your shed prior to your move, if you are in an area that is expecting or gets a lot of snow during the time you move.  
It is important to remember to pack all outdoor items that you may have as well before a snowfall prior to the move. This includes things not only in the shed, but outdoor ornaments/decorations that you may have around the house (front/back) that can easily be forgotten about  or covered in snow, for example the ornaments that you may place in your front yard/ backyard ground or garden.
Ensure that the parking areas for any vehicles and moving trailers are clear and salted for parking in a planned designated area for moving day.
Being prepared ahead of time for your move in the winter snow, will allow for a smooth move and less stressful move!

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posted by Flexible Move @ Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:06 p.m.   0 Comments

Moving Your Vehicle

Did you know that we can also move your personal vehicle for you along with your move?  When moving long distance majority of families travel by plane to their new destination or some families drive and may have an additional vehicle. In either case, you need a way to transport your vehicle from origin to destination. Luckily, Flexible Move works with third party car carriers to plan the transport of your vehicle along with your move so that we can save you the hassle of trying to find a reputable car carrier company, and the rates and having to deal with the actual coordination of it all.
Along with the coordination of your move, if you have a vehicle to transport we will retrieve the quotes for you to move your vehicle; plan and book the transport of your car; and in the meantime maintain all correspondence with the car carrier as well throughout transit. Now you have the ease of only having to talk to one coordinator for all your moving needs. So you don’t have to look no more, if you’re moving we will take care of it all!

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posted by Flexible Move @ Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:37 p.m.   0 Comments

Preparing Your Goods For Container Moving

If you are moving and plan on putting your moving container into storage, then there are key things to remember about your packed belongings.
If you are packing any appliances such as a refrigerator or freezer, then remember to make sure these appliances are clean and completely dry so that you prevent mould or water leaks.
If you are planning storage during the winter months, then make sure you do not pack anything that can freeze and/ or break; things such as perishable items or electronics.
Do not pack any dangerous or hazardous materials/ liquids in your container as these things can be explosive, flammable, etc.
Keep these tips in mind and your move and time in storage should have no issues.

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posted by Flexible Move @ Thursday, November 10, 2011 11:14 a.m.   1 Comments

Things NOT to Pack on Moving Day

On your load day it is important to remember not to pack any valuables in your moving container. Anything that you consider of great value or that you may need throughout your travels to your destination; whether it be sentimental, of high cash value, or of great necessity, then you should not pack these items.
Electronic items such as your cell phones, iPads, iPods, cameras, etc. should not be packed. You wouldn’t want these items to go missing or get broken and you will most likely need your phone. Any expensive valuables such as your jewelry should not be packed either if you do not want these items to go missing, in any case. You may want to think about whether or not to pack your pictures, and if you do then make sure your photos are packed in a waterproof container. This way your photos cannot be damaged. Lastly, the most important thing you should definitely not pack is your purse, keys and family’s I.D.’s. You may come across a situation that you will need your identification. If you have children (or for yourself) you need to have all health cards on you at all times, or at least photocopies. Just in case.
Don’t risk the chance of losing your most valued items, in the case of any event.

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posted by Flexible Move @ Tuesday, November 8, 2011 10:39 a.m.   1 Comments

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